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About Me



Let's love nature  

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29 Years experienced in:



Commercial Consulting

- - Commercial consulting regarding importing & exporting, licensing, joint venture, know-how transferring, sole agency contracts ......

- Marketing Research process
- Marketing plan
- Market your small business
- Marketing ideas for small businesses working
- Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses
-Marketing plan to grow your business
- Industrial Marketing research on new ideas concerning customer needs


- Diversity of Agribusiness market

   Investment Advisory"
- Consulting on attracting resources and investment in free Zones & Iranian neighbor countries
- Advisor of best business opportunities in Iran

- The team worked, confident in Market research (special in Middle East & CIS markets)

- Contract development negotiations and management skills


- Experience in marketing and sales of agricultural implements & machinery & products / light civil types of machinery

- Detail-oriented and resourceful in completing projects, able to multitask effectively; accomplished familiar with agricultural types of machinery and implements & Agri products ( such as palm date & pistachio nuts)

- Agricultural business in Iran"
variety of products; improved nutrition; and advanced agricultural machinery

-Assistance & consulting to Iranian companies regarding Business plane, plant design, joint ventures...

Member Of :
   "Iranian Scientific Marketing Association"
   "Manufacturers Association of Tractors, Combines, Supplies, and Equipment" (ATMAK)



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F1, No 91, Taleghani St., Tehran, Iran.