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Secound Hand

Used Agricultural Equipment & Machinery. 



Buying or renting tractors and agricultural implements and multipurpose is an important part of the cost of production in the agricultural sector.

The price of these machines has been reached its peak with the arrival of high-tech machines and the rising trend of prices. 

According to industry activists, this issue has paved the way for the reconstruction and further use of second-hand machinery.
 It includes a directory of agricultural machinery, covering farm machinery and equipment including used tractors, used machinery, used equipment, front loader, harvesters, cultivation equipment, planters, grain storage, backhoe, and much more. 
Small to medium farm agricultural types of equipment also included. In addition, the used tractor and second-hand farm equipment sector are an industry in itself whilst component suppliers are heavily involved in the supply of tractor replacement parts and other farm machinery components. 
Second-hand multipurpose machinery also has been captured a big part of the market, such as backhoe loader and skid-steer.
The second hand and reconstruction machinery have captured a big part of Iranian markets.

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